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Our rental counter is located less than 5 minutes from the terminal via our ABQ Airport Shuttle.

Car rental in Albuquerque
We have been open for business in Albuquerque since 2006

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Please note- These requirements and qualifications are specific to this location and may not apply to other Rent-A-Wreck locations.


Reservation and Cancelation Requirements

Please be aware your reservation will be held for one hour past your scheduled
date/time. If you do not arrive and do not cancel your reservation at least 24 hours
before this time, your credit card will be assessed a $50 No-Show charge. However,
if your flight is delayed and you have provided us accurate flight information on your
reservation or you have called us to inform us that your flight is delayed, we will
adjust your reservation time. If the delay is past our normal business hours, we may
be unable and are not obligated to hold the reservation – however we will try to
accommodate your rental. To make changes or cancellations, please call toll free
800-247-9556 and we will be happy to assist you. Should you incur the $50 charge,
we offer a voucher in the amount of $50 for use on future rentals (valid this location
only and good for 12 months). However, you must request the voucher within 30
days of the charge. This voucher, when issued, is available for immediate use.

After Hours Reservations
If you have an after-hours reservation, we will be available, at our location, one-half
hour before your reservation time and for one-hour past your reservation time.

Required Rental Deposits Policy
All 12/15 Passenger Vans require a non-refundable deposit of 10% of the rental
amount or $75.00 whichever is greater. After-hour and Sunday rentals require a
50% deposit. At times, we may ask that the rental be pre-paid due to availability or
length of rental – we will notify you at the time of the reservation.

Prepaid Rentals
We occasionally offer a discount for prepaying your rental charges. However, once
the reservation is processed and payment accepted, there are no refunds for prepaid


No Cash Rentals
This location does not accept cash for payment of rental charges or deposits.

Credit Card Requirements
At the time of the rental, the renter must present a major credit card in their name
with a minimum available credit of $100 over the estimated charges. Rent-A-Wreck
honors American Express, Discover Card, MasterCard and Visa.

Debit/Check Card Requirements
Rent-A-Wreck of Albuquerque accepts and welcomes customers preferring to use
their VISA or MasterCard Debit/Check cards for in-state travel/rentals only. The
Debit/Check card must have the renters name on it. Debit cards issued by the State
of New Mexico or any other state(s) agency are not accepted. Pre-Paid cards and
Pre-Loaded cards - see below. For those with out-of-state drivers licenses, a return
flight, bus or train ticket must be provided at the time of rental. Proof of liability
insurance coverage is required.

Additional Debit/Check Card Requirements

• Rentals rates include 150 miles per day, with $0.20 per mile charge for extra
miles exceeded over the total allowed for the rental period.

• The initial deposit will result in an immediate electronic cash withdrawal from
the renters' checking account.

• Deposit for customers who purchase CDW with rental: $200 plus the
estimated rental charges.

• Deposit for customers using own insurance coverage: Your insurance
deductible amount plus the estimated charges. For example, if you currently
carry a $500 deductible on your collision coverage and that coverage will
transfer to our rental vehicle, your deposit is $500 plus the estimated rental

The renter understands that any balance to be credited back to their
account may take the renters' bank 2 to 14 business days to process
depending on the renters’ bank policy.


Certain restrictions apply. Please check with the rental counter for

Pre-Paid/Pre-loaded/Gift Card Requirements

• Pre-Paid cards are accepted for in-state travel only.

• Reservation must be made 48 hours in advance of rental – no walk-in rentals.

• When the card has the renter’s name embossed on the card: the renter is
required to bring a utility bill in his/her name that matches the address shown
on his/her drivers’ license, proof of liability insurance AND a current
employment pay stub. For out-of-state licensed customers, proof of a return
flight/bus/train ticket is also required. Deposit is $300 plus the estimated
rental charges when purchasing CDW or the amount of the customer’s
insurance deductible, whichever is higher – NO EXCEPTIONS.

• When the card does not have the renters name embossed on the card:
Same requirements as above, but the deposit is $750 plus the estimated
rental charges – NO EXCEPTIONS.

• Additional drivers or renters are not allowed.

Changing forms of payment

We are unable to change methods of payment (i.e. from one credit card to a
different credit card or from a credit card to a debit/check card, etc.) once the
payment has been processed.

Geographic Driving Limitations

Please be aware the only vehicle classes that are permitted to travel out of state are
some Minivans and 12/15-Passenger vans ONLY! You must disclose your travel plans
when making your reservation. The states that these vehicles are permitted to travel
into are: Arizona, Utah, Colorado, Oklahoma, and Texas with no additional charge.
Travel to any other state is not permitted at this time. A credit card is required for
out-of-state travel; debit/check or prepaid cards are not accepted for payment.
The geographic limitation for all other car classes is 250 miles from our office or
statewide. (areas outside of the state, but still within 250 miles are permissible such as the
lower areas of Colorado – Pagosa Spring and Durango) If you desire to travel out-ofstate
or more than 250 miles from our location and have already secured a reservation
please call us at 1-800-247-9556 to see available exceptions. Please do not ignore this
limitation - additional fees and trip delays may occur, including loss of deposit. Should
we not be able to allow travel to your requested destination, we will promptly cancel your
reservation and refund your rental if payment has already been made. Please note: if you
attempt to cancel without at least 24 hours notice or do not show due to this limitation,
the $50 charge will still apply.

One-Way rentals

We do not offer one-way rentals. Vehicles MUST return to our location at the end of
the contracted rental period.

Minimum Age Requirements

Renters are required to be at least 21 years of age. Renters between 21 and 24
years of age will be required to pay a surcharge. Certain vehicle rental restrictions
will apply to underage renters. The additional charge for drivers age 21-24 is $19.95
per day. Certain car classes are not available to renters age 21-24 – please call our
office at 1-800-247-9556 for more information.

Drivers' License Qualifications

At the time of rental, renters are required to present an acceptable valid Drivers
License. International renters will need their Foreign Issued License along with an
International Drivers Permit and Passport. We reserve the right to perform an MVR
check. Such MVR reports may be cause to decline a rental.

Additional Renters

Additional renters must meet all standard rental qualifications regarding Age, Credit
Card, Drivers' License, deposits, etc. Please check with rental counter for clarification
or call us at 1-800-247-9556. The fee for more than one additional renter is $5 per
day. At times, we may waive this additional driver fee if both drivers have the same
address and are on the same insurance policy.


The renter is responsible for any and all damage or loss to the rental vehicle
regardless of fault, except where limited by law. Please contact your insurance agent
or credit card company to make sure you don't already have coverage before you
purchase ours – any coverages, once purchased, cannot be refunded for any reason.
Customers are encouraged to check with their own insurance company or credit card
company to ensure that any rental vehicle, especially trucks, cargo vans and 12/15
passenger vans, will be covered. Please refer to the brochure at the rental counter
for clarifications of coverage's. Certain restrictions apply.

Physical Damage Coverage is REQUIRED and must be provided by one of the following:
1) Your personal auto policy with collision coverage. Verification Required
(Travel Guard is not an acceptable form of collision coverage.)
2) Your credit card's "Rental Vehicle Coverage". Verification Required
3) Your purchase of the Physical Damage Waiver (LDW). Restrictions Apply.

Loss Damage Waiver (LDW)

LDW protects the renter and additional renter against most damages to the rented
vehicle during the entire rental period regardless of fault unless the renter violates
any of the terms and conditions of the rental agreement. LDW is a waiver of the
renters' responsibility for vehicle damage, not insurance. LDW does not cover theft.
See the brochure at the rental counter for details. Certain restrictions apply.

Supplemental Liability Insurance (SLI)

SLI provides the renter with up to 1 million dollars ($1,000,000) of liability protection
for bodily injury and property damage the renter may cause to others resulting from
an accident. See the brochure at the rental counter for details. Certain restrictions

Personal Accident Insurance (PAI) and Personal Effects Insurance (PEI)

Provides an amount of protection for accidental medical injuries (PAI) and/or
personal property (PEI) of the renter in and out of the rental vehicle for the entire
rental period. PEI does not cover all property you may own and have with you while
riding or operating a Rent-A-Wreck vehicle. See the brochure at the rental counter
for details. Certain restrictions apply.

Additional Information on Daily Coverages

Daily coverages are non-refundable once purchased, the rental agreement is signed,
and the vehicle leaves the lot. Also, coverages cannot be added once the rental
agreement is signed and the vehicle leaves the lot.

Roadside Assistance

Although it is a rare occurrence, in the event of mechanical breakdown all vehicles
have roadside assistance coverage. Issues not related to mechanical breakdown
such as locking the keys in the vehicle, running out of fuel, flat tires and battery
failure due to leaving the lights on can also be serviced using the roadside
assistance; however, the renter will be billed for these upon receipt of service.
Roadside assistance is provided by a third-party and we cannot guarantee a service
time. The provider will assist the renter in getting to a safe place until the next
business morning should you require a replacement vehicle. Should the rental
vehicle be outside the permitted geographic area, there is no coverage and the
rental vehicle will be retained.

Rental Extensions
Should you wish to extend your rental, you must request the extension before the
current contract expires. Extensions are not always available as subject to vehicle
availability. We may require you to exchange the vehicle/type of vehicle to
accommodate your extension request. Extensions must be paid before the current
contract expires. Deposits cannot be used to extend a rental.

Overdue Rentals

Contracts that become overdue may not be eligible to extend at the discretion of
management. Should a contract not be eligible for extension means the vehicle
must be returned immediately. Should the vehicle not be returned within 48 hours
of the contract expiration date and time will forfeit any deposit retained, regardless
of the amount of the deposit and the renter will not be eligible to re-rent. Should the
vehicle not be returned within 72 hours of the expiration date and time, the vehicle
will be reported embezzled (stolen) to the local police department.

All Closed Contracts Subject to Audit, Correction and Change

We strive to give each customer an accurate closed contract upon vehicle return and
in most cases it is. However, there are times where a change or correction must be
made – therefore, the closed contract should not be considered a final invoice.
Should incidentals occur, such as a fuel audit or a citation be received after a rental
is closed, your final amount may be adjusted as needed. If a credit or charge
occurs, we will send an updated copy via mail to the address on the contract or via

Damage Claims/Collections

We also encourage you to file any claims without delay to your insurance or credit
card company. Delays can result in additional amounts due or possibly cancelation
of coverage. Should your rental result in amounts due us for accidents, damage,
charges, etc, we strongly encourage pay these amounts due at the time of vehicle
return or when first notified as should amounts remain unpaid, the matter may be
referred to a third party for collection, which may result in additional costs.

Cleaning Fee

Vehicles returned with pet hair, mud, food and beverage stains, etc., will be subject
to a cleaning fee between $25 to $300. Customers, please check your vehicle for
cleanliness before leaving the rental lot.

Smoking Policy and Fee

We ask for your help in keeping our vehicles smoke free. A $250.00 fee will be
charged to customers who return vehicles that have been smoked in.
This fee may be assessed at the time of vehicle return, or after depending on
whether a manager is needed to assess the situation. Should the charge be
assessed after the vehicle is returned, we will send you a written notification that a
charge will appear on your statement, this policy is regardless of whether your
deposit has already been credited or not.

Parking tickets, Toll Fines and Red-Light Camera Fines Policy
Should we receive notification that the vehicle was assessed any penalty or fine
during your rental period, we charge a $50 processing fee plus the applicable penalty
or fine. This policy is regardless of when we receive the citation from the assessing
authority, subject to the statue of limitations. Please note, although some
jurisdictions allow us to identify the driver and have the charging authority to resend
the violation notice directly to the driver, we may or may not exercise this option.



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