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Rent-A-Wreck of America has built a brand on the foundation of exceeding our customers' expectations; renting quality used vehicles for less than our competition and never compromising on our customer service standards. The company was founded in Los Angeles in 1968 and franchising since 1973.

In 2006, the Rent-A-Wreck of America franchise system was purchased by Fitzgerald Auto Mall, an organization that owns and operates over 30 new vehicle franchises, and sells nearly 20,000 new and used vehicles every year. Fitzgerald operates one of the largest independent car rental fleets in the United States.

The acquisition has brought together a dynamic combination -- the automotive expertise of Fitzgerald with the tremendous brand strength, franchise base, and history of Rent-A-Wreck.

Our Brand Recognition
As customers have come to know Rent-A-Wreck, we have also become a "Media Darling". The unforgettable Rent-A-Wreck name has been spotlighted in publications as diverse as the Los Angeles Times, Wall Street Journal, Time Magazine, and the New York Times. We've also been featured on television shows like the Oprah Winfrey Show, the Tonight Show with Jay Leno and the popular drama, Law and Order. This exposure has helped elevate our U.S. name recognition to 52%. An independent market research firm, OpinionWorks, conducted the 2006 research market study.

As a Rent-A-Wreck franchisee, you will not only benefit from our unique brand name, but you will also be benefit from our local and national advertising and marketing programs.

Let's Grow Together

Due to recent changes in automotive financing company policies, in order to purchase an initial fleet of vehicles and pay other start up related costs, individuals with no automotive background will need a minimum net worth of $250,000, with $50,000 available in liquid capital.

Those individuals with an automotive background, particularly new and used car dealers, may be able to finance the majority of their fleet, which will lower their start up costs to $25,000-$35,000.

Our bottom line: We succeed, when, and only when, our franchise owners succeed. Our growth is dependent on making sure that each and every one of our franchise owners is well positioned to operate a competitive and profitable business.

The vision for Rent-A-Wreck is to become the largest and most successful franchise operated rental car company in the world. With over 300 locations worldwide we are well on our way to reaching our goal. Are you interested in becoming a part of our vision? Start by requesting more information today!


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