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Rent-A-Wreck and Safe Cars

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We all share the roads, and we all benefit from having safer cars on those roads. We are providing this resource to help the owners of the 254 Million+ registered vehicles on the road in the US find open recalls on those vehicles. The vast majority of recall services will be done at no cost to the owner of the vehicle by any authorized dealer of the brand for which the recall was issued.

It is the policy of Rent-A-Wreck that our company owned and franchise locations all perform manufacturer recalls as soon as parts are available and, that our fleet is regularly inspected for safety.

In order to assist in determining whether any vehicles are subject to open recalls, we are providing links to the following resources.

The following manufacturers make recall information available to the general public via their website using the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN). For more information on finding a VIN number, click here. To research recalls by specific VIN numbers, please visit the following individual manufactures web pages.

There were no public resources for recall searches by VIN provided by the following manufacturers. In lieu of a VIN searchable database, we are providing phone numbers to the customer service divisions of these manufactures.

Audi Recalls
Audi recall info: (800) 822-2834
Ferrari Recalls
Ferrari recall info: (201) 816-2600
Hyundai Recalls
Hyundai recall info:(800) 633-5151
Infinit Recalls
Infiniti recall info: (800) 662-6200
Lotus Recalls
Lotus recall info: (800) 245-6887
Mazda Recalls
Mazda recall info: (800) 222-5500
Mercedes Benz Recalls
Mercedes recall info: (800) 367-6372
Nissan recalls
Nissan recall info: (800) 647-7261
Porsche recalls
Porsche recall info: (800) 767-7243
Subaru Recalls
Subaru recall info: (800) 782-2783
Suzuki Recalls
Suzuki recall info: (800) 934-0934
Volvo recalls
Volvo recall info: 1-800-458-1552

To look up Recalls by the Year, Make and Model of the vehicle, go to the NHTSA website, part of

Question? Give us a call at (877) 877-0700